October 15: Clarity Workshop at St. Francis Library

Health Coaching

Clarity Workshop: Learn to Let Go

  • Thursday, October 15, 2015
  • 6:30pm  7:30pm
  • St. Francis Library 

We all want—and often need—to clear and refresh ourselves of the clutter around us and within us. The connection with our health, the connection with our body, and the things we have in our homes has an impact on our overall well-being.  Come and learn how clutter on many levels can affect your performance at work, with your family and overall living.  Our Integrative Health Coach,  Kerri Weishoff, will be presenting at St. Francis Library at this NO COST event.http://www.stfrancislibrary.org

Clarity Workshop

Spring is coming and the itch to clean, organize, and de-clutter is stronger than ever. Our talented Integrative Health Coach, Kerri Weishoff is teaching a Clarity Workshop to help you locate the clutter in your life that is holding you back from thriving.  

Do you feel like you have been in a mental fog? Are you looking for inspiration to clear the stress that clutters your ability to feel creative and emotionally receptive? Does the physical clutter in your home create a stressful environment?  

Learn more about how to recognize the clutter in your life and take home new strategies for clearing your physical, mental, and emotional space so you may experience a life of clarity and well being. 

Class Details and Pre-registration

Kerri Weishoff is a Speech Therapist and Integrative Health Coach, a workshop leader on clarity and visioning, and teacher of The Art of Healing and Mind Body Awareness at UW-Milwaukee.

 She has more than 20 years of rehabilitation experience, including more than 15 years studying Integrative Healing Practices. Kerri has a Master’s degree in the College of Health Sciences and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing Program.  

Kerri is the Integrative Health Coach with Mke Mindbody Wellness. 

To schedule a session, contact 414-367-7023 or email kerri@mkewellness.com