What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine differs from modern "western" medicine.   Modern medicine is a system that treats symptoms and diseases with the use of drugs, radiation, surgery, or similar interventions.  Holistic medicine is a system of healing that treats the whole person- mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  A holistic doctor may use all forms of health care to relieve the symptoms and disease, while also addressing the imbalances in a person's health and lifestyle factors that may have led to the condition or illness.  

What is a sliding scale fee?

We want our care to be accessible.  A sliding scare fee is range of values that allow flexibility in charging for services.  By offering a price range, we are letting you find the price that suits you and your long-term wellness budget.  The cost of healthcare is often a mystery and insurance companies can be very finicky about coverage for holistic and integrative health therapies.  We want things to be simple.  What is important is that you get the therapies you choose for your needs without waiting for permission from your insurance company.  

How does the sliding scale payment system work?

Simple! First of all, we never assign you an amount.  We offer you a range of acceptable payment amounts and you decide how much you will pay for that service within that range.  YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH TO PAY!  

What is the difference between integrative health coaching and psychotherapy?

Integrative health coaching is focusing on your health without placing emphasis on how you got to where you are today.  It's about moving forward with wellness solutions to improve your health.  Our health coach will not ask about personal matters in depth as they relate to symptoms, conditions, or illnesses because the emphasis is placed on what is necessary to move beyond the discomfort.  A psychotherapist will investigate the personal emotional connections of the illness and provide a space for you to be vocal as you sort things out and receive feedback.  Because there is a vast range of psychotherapy approaches and styles of treatment, there can be overlapping methods between coaches and psychotherapists.  We view this as positive reinforcement for individuals who desire the collaborative support.  Our health coach will hone in on your goals and the support needed to achieve them, which is a substantial asset for anyone also seeking psychotherapy.  Some of the goals established with a psych therapist can be the focal point of the work done with the wellness coach.  We promote our patients to continue working with psychotherapists because we believe in the power of weaving a supportive web of professional therapists who all value your success.  

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a therapy that heals by inserting very fine sterile needles at specific locations on the body.  Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that utilizes the body's own electrical system (qi) to promote healing.  Qi energy is the electrical activity in the body that connects all of our mind and body systems.

*Qi is pronounced "chee"

How does acupuncture work?

To describe it simply, acupuncture stimulates the electrical current that connects the brain and body continuously.  Systemic balance is called homeostasis- and it is necessary to maintain internal stability.  When at any point that electrical current (Qi)  is compromised, homeostasis is also effected so symptoms of imbalance occur and disease ensues.  The name for this electrical current in traditional Chinese medicine is qi. The strategic insertion of fine acupuncture needles along specific electrical pathways (meridians) will stimulate that bad connection so that the process of homeostasis may correct under/over productive systems in the body that need to be addressed. 

Acupuncture helps the overall function of the body and is effective for many acute and chronic illnesses.  It stimulates the natural healing processes of the body to restore health and healing by activating specific points along energy pathways and meridians mapped by TCM practitioners over hundreds of years of careful and meticulous research and documentation of treatments.  

TCM= Traditional Chinese Medicine

Electrical activity (western medicine)  =  Qi (eastern medicine)

How does Traditional Chinese medicine work?

By looking at the whole person, this means that all body systems are relevant for a specialized diagnosis: body temperature, appetite, digestion, body aches and pains, sleep patterns, elimination patterns, menstrual history, vision, hearing, emotional habits etc.  This complete review of systems is the way that TCM differentiates individual patterns to provide the most precise diagnosis and very specific treatment protocol.  Once an individual's pattern has been identified with a review of systems, a pulse reading and quick look at the tongue verifies these findings.  Because the tongue is the only internal organ we can actually see, the conditions of the interior may be observed (hot/cold, wet/dry, excess/deficency).  No two tongues are exactly the same!