Pediatric Wellness

pediatric holistic wellness

 If we can help kids get in tune with their own bodies, then we are raising a generation of kids who are mindful of their own health.       

Holistic therapies that are gentle and effective for children's mindbody health.  Children are always absorbing and learning ways to be more independent.  Our approach to pediatric wellness includes educating kids about how to pay attention to the changes in their bodies that may be telling them that there is a problem.  We provide kids with information about how to calm down when they feel their body escalating or how to wind up when it is time to activate.               


Why should I choose holistic therapies for my child?  

  • Improved digestion
  • Better sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Reduced stress
  • Better mood


It is never too early to teach good nutrition.  Parents and children work together learning how to make the right choices as a team.  Nutrition counseling for kids involves addressing problematic symptoms and identifying foods that may be aggravating those symptoms.  Creating new ideas around eating includes learning how to incorporate nutrient-dense ingredients into kid-friendly foods.  




Kids love to use their special healing points.  By rubbing, tapping, or placing pressure on specific acupuncture points on the body, acupressure can activate the body for effective healing.  Stickers may be placed on certain points to show children and parents where these helpful healing points are located.  



Gua Sha

Gentle gua sha is used to relieve muscle tension and release heat that builds below the surface.  This technique involves rubbing over the skin with a flat tool or ceramic soup spoon that stretches the fascia and relieves areas of stagnation that may be creating or aggravating symptoms including: 

  • restlessness
  • muscle tension
  • irritability
  • stress   



Pediatric cupping is a gentle suction cup therapy that relieves muscle tension, improves congestion and indigestion, and relaxes the nervous system. We call them "kissing cups" and use a technique that involves a quick suction and release over the area of treatment, which is typically on the upper or middle back.  

*Like gua sha, this modality is not painful but can leave circular areas of discoloration on the skin.  These areas of discoloration are a sign that the cupping has worked and that stasis is being moved out of that area of the body.  


Children respond very well to essential oils.  Because they are so sensitive to the effects of aromatherapy, it is wise to sit down with a certified aromatherapist who will create a custom blend for your child.  Our aromatherapist creates individualized products specifically blended per person and takes extra care when working with children.  She will sit down with you and your child to answer questions and find the oils that are appropriate for the condition.