Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has a very long history and has evolved over the last 5,000 years. The practice of using touch as a healing method has its roots in ancient history. In China, texts documenting the medical benefits of massage therapy date back to approximately 2700 BCE.

Massage therapy has been known to promote relaxation, decrease stress, and relieve pain. Who doesn’t want to relieve stress in their life? A single session can reduce cortisol levels and lower heart rate promoting a deep sense of relaxation. A massage session is also a great way to distract yourself from the demands of work and family life. It promotes a sense of self-healing and well-being.

Massage therapy can also help with injuries, joint stiffness, or muscle tension. It can help improve posture and reinforce natural movement back into the body. The pressure administered during a session can help increase blood flow to the vital organs, tissues and muscles. It can aid in rehabilitation by promoting flexibility and increasing range of motion.

Massage is known to improve respiratory function by improving the way we breathe and by pumping more oxygen throughout the body. Studies have also shown that massage can strengthen the immune system by increasing the activity of our natural white blood cells known as killer cells.

The manual manipulation performed during a massage session allows our body’s to return back into a natural state of homeostasis by increasing parasympathetic activity. It is a great way to relax, restore, and reconnect with the mind, body, and spirit.