3174 South Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207

T: +1 414 367 7023

mke MindBody Wellness

We provide affordable integrative mental health care that brings a variety of therapies together to help Y O U.

Mke MindBody Wellness was founded by Aleisha and Jonathan Anderson, husband and wife team who attended Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with the goal of one day opening a wellness clinic together.  As a couple raising a family in Bay View, Aleisha and Jonathan had their sights set on an adorable little dental office near Humboldt park.  For eight years, they dreamed of this one day being the home to their wellness clinic- where they could nurture a community of healers to share their compassion and talent with those suffering quietly from the stress, anxiety, depression, and un-focused existence that has become so normal for too many people. Eight years later, they approached the family who owned the building and today we are here:  Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc.

This family-owned and operated business is dedicated to bringing better health to the community with holistic integrative medicine that heals the mind and body as one whole person. We are grateful to be sharing our compassionate helpers in this community.


Photography by Kaleigh Atkinson + mke MindBody Wellness team

Videos by Kaleigh Atkinson