Clarity Workshop

Spring is coming and the itch to clean, organize, and de-clutter is stronger than ever. Our talented Integrative Health Coach, Kerri Weishoff is teaching a Clarity Workshop to help you locate the clutter in your life that is holding you back from thriving.  

Do you feel like you have been in a mental fog? Are you looking for inspiration to clear the stress that clutters your ability to feel creative and emotionally receptive? Does the physical clutter in your home create a stressful environment?  

Learn more about how to recognize the clutter in your life and take home new strategies for clearing your physical, mental, and emotional space so you may experience a life of clarity and well being. 

Class Details and Pre-registration

Kerri Weishoff is a Speech Therapist and Integrative Health Coach, a workshop leader on clarity and visioning, and teacher of The Art of Healing and Mind Body Awareness at UW-Milwaukee.

 She has more than 20 years of rehabilitation experience, including more than 15 years studying Integrative Healing Practices. Kerri has a Master’s degree in the College of Health Sciences and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing Program.  

Kerri is the Integrative Health Coach with Mke Mindbody Wellness. 

To schedule a session, contact 414-367-7023 or email