Mke MB Wellness + Parkside School of Arts

 “What is mindfulness?”
Aleisha had the privilege to ask two different 8th grade art classes if they have ever heard of mindfulness and what it means.  Not a single hand was raised.  To demonstrate the meaning of mindfulness, she asked the students to close their eyes and focus only on the moment as they are experiencing it.  What sensations are they feeling in their physical body? What thoughts are going through them? Are you feeling hot, cold, hungry, etc…? For one minute, the students entertained the idea of mindfulness and what she taught them was the simple practice of self-awareness.  We do not expect these kids to leave with a new perspective on life, or a new habit of paying closer attention to every moment in the present.  We do believe Aleisha had the opportunity to share an idea of how much more there is to their existence when they pay attention at any given moment.  These students will be continuing an exploration in mindfulness as they work on self-portraits.  Writing exercises will be used to access deeper connections between the outward and inward self.  Through weeks of focused attention on the skill set needed to create the portrait and the activities woven into the thought process of the project, the students will cultivate a new level of awareness that will shine in the work they create. 
We are proud to announce this collaboration and look forward to sharing these inspiring works of art on Friday, June 5, Bay View Gallery Night.  Save the date for this special event.  More details coming soon.