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We are so grateful to Milwaukee Magazine for reaching out to us for the Health edition! For sale now, the article features local "spa" remedies that have medicinal properties.  We are enthusiastic about the work we do, and shared the benefits of far infrared sauna and acupuncture for seasonal depression and anxiety.  Find your copy and see what other great businesses are providing to improve holistic healthcare in Milwaukee!

Join us at Chill on the Hill

See what we have going on at Chill on the Hill this year! 

6pm at Humboldt Park in Bay View

Get a FREE 10 minute chair massage, learn the basics about essential oils, or make community art.  We love Bay View and cannot wait to share our gifts with the community.  




De-stressing at Work

De-stressing at Work

Stress is that illusive distraction that can hinder your ability to really focus your attention.  With so many potential sources of tension or demands for your attention, the most effective strategies for getting productive have everything to do with first getting grounded.  

start where you are.  Make it a goal to arrive ten minutes early to work every day.  Spend 3-5 minutes just getting adjusted to your environment by getting comfortable, taking a few slow deep belly breaths, and letting go of outside distractions.  Breathe in relaxation and breathe out tension.  

organize. So much of the day can be wasted on poor organization.  Review your schedule, get your work space cleaned up, and prepare for the day.  Taking those few extra minutes at the beginning of each day will save a lot of time in the long run.  

acknowledge the positives.  It is easy to get hung up on short-comings and ways that you can do better- but it is just as easy to give yourself credit for the positives.  Let yourself take moments every day to be optimistic, proud, and aware of the good things.  Look for the positives and take mental notes of them.  

random acts of kindness.  This is possibly the easiest and most rewarding daily task!  Find opportunities to compliment someone, help them out, or make a moment of their life better in any way.  Do this without expectation and for the pure joy of making someone else feel good.

tech-free time.  This may be the most challenging of all five! Take a few breaks during the day and leave all of the screens behind.  Check messages or make personal calls before or after eating lunch.  Try not to distract yourself while you eat.  Zoning out on Twitter, Facebook, NPR, etc... is only adding more stress to your day- even if you believe you are getting some down time.  

Cultivating Joy Workshop: January 26th

Join our health coach, Kerri Weishoff, for an evening of Cultivating Personal Joy

Learn how you can empower yourself to be calmer, have more energy, and navigate daily challenges.  Explore an introduction to mindfulness, breath work, and simple affirmations to guide you in staying balanced in every day life.

This is a free event, but registration is required.  Please register at the Greendale Library, or call: 414-423-2790.

October 15: Clarity Workshop at St. Francis Library

Health Coaching

Clarity Workshop: Learn to Let Go

  • Thursday, October 15, 2015
  • 6:30pm  7:30pm
  • St. Francis Library 

We all want—and often need—to clear and refresh ourselves of the clutter around us and within us. The connection with our health, the connection with our body, and the things we have in our homes has an impact on our overall well-being.  Come and learn how clutter on many levels can affect your performance at work, with your family and overall living.  Our Integrative Health Coach,  Kerri Weishoff, will be presenting at St. Francis Library at this NO COST event.