Nutritious Holiday Specials!

Nutrition Package Holiday Specials:

We want to help you feel absolutely amazing this holiday season! 

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All holiday special packages expire March 30, 2016.  Gift Cards available.  

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Mindful Holiday Eating

The holiday season is upon us! A common tradition to celebrate includes feasting on rich foods and decadent sweets.  What a perfect opportunity to really enjoy this abundance!

Here is a quick reference for using mindfulness to make your holiday dinner a unique experience and not just a delicious meal.  

mindful eating

Mindful Eating Exercise

1. gratitude.  Look at everything in front of you.  Acknowledge your abundance. (Where did it come from? How long did it take to prepare?  Who prepared this meal? How much money was spent to share such a bountiful meal?) Take a moment to be truly and genuinely grateful for all of it.

2. less is more.  Do not fill your plate.  If you take heaping portions you may be eating to get full, when you really only need to eat until you no longer feel hungry.  Try the different foods and get more of those things you really like if you are still hungry.

3. slow down.  Spend more time chewing, smelling, tasting, and talking with those around you.  Get the most out of this special feast by making it last.

4. breathe.  It may sound silly to add this step, but it is pretty common to get so caught up in the  excitement of the holiday that you forget to really take those deep, satisfying breaths.  Take a few moments during the meal to take a nice slow deep belly breath with a slow peaceful exhalation.  Your digestion will be better and your body will be more relaxed.

5.  savor.  How does it smell? Is that a hint of cinnamon? When is the last time you enjoyed this food? Enjoy the taste, smell, and texture for as long as possible.  

Happy Holidays!