Far Infrared Sauna and Changing Seasons

The change of seasons doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Sure, in Wisconsin it undoubtedly means there are more colds and the flu going around, but it’s also a great time to turn inward and practice some self-care. Preventing illness from taking hold is all about building a strong immune system and balancing life’s hectic schedule with relaxation. 

Our Far Infrared Sauna is a noninvasive, simple way to do just that: relax. 

First, let’s breakdown what the Far Infrared Sauna is and how it is different than traditional steam saunas. The term “far” refers to where infrared waves fall on the light spectrum. They are invisible and beneficial light rays naturally produced by the sun. This type of light ray penetrates the skin surface up to two inches, which provides heat to blood vessels, tissues and muscles.

This therapeutic effect is what creates a long list of benefits from using the Far Infrared Sauna even on the first visit. Here are the top benefits we have heard from our clients:

1. Relaxation

After just 30 minutes in the sauna, your beta-endorphins levels in the blood can double. Beta-endorphins are released during intense exercise but also enhance mood and foster feelings of relaxation. Also the act of sitting still without numerous stimuli pulling for your attention i.e. your smartphone, will certainly calm stress and aid in relaxation. 

2. A Healthy Immune System 

Booking a sauna session while you are fighting a cold can be one of the best things to keep your immune system strong. Sauna therapy creates an artificial “fever” by increasing the body’s set point for temperature. A fever is the body’s natural defense mechanism to kill microbes. 

3. Increased Blood Circulation

Better blood flow and circulation helps lower blood pressure, provides drug-free pain relief and reduces inflammation. Heat from the sauna stimulates vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the skin surface. This increased demand on the heart creates the conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. 

So who is Far Infrared Sauna good for?

Those that struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), low energy or have a hard time committing to a relaxation practice. The release of beta-endorphins provides a calming effect for both the brain and the body. If you don’t enjoy massage therapy but still want to soothe sore muscles, sauna therapy can also loosen and lubricate the joints and reduce stiffness. Lastly, if you aren’t as physically active as you’d like to be, sauna therapy’s ability to raise your basal metabolic rate means you will burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after the session. 

Other benefits include improved sleep, increased metabolism and improved heart health. For long-term benefits, you can use the Infrared Sauna up to two to three times per week. If you’re ready to give it a try, we’re offering half off one session from now until Oct. 28th. Book your appointment here.