Lifting Your Spirit

Winter can be dark, heavy, and oppressive but it can also be refreshing, magical, and inspiring.  When the blues begin to define you, it is important to embrace new habits that shake off the lethargy and lighten your mood.

Hydrate.  The air is dry and the cold does not always make water seem very desirable.  Fill up a water bottle with room temperature water, make a pot of tea, or prioritize drinking water through out the day.  Your body needs water- not juice, coffee, or other beverages.  Pour a tall glass and drink the whole thing.

Make your bed. When you are busy, have a lot to do, feel stressed, or cannot seem to get out of bed, this is a good place to start your day.  Accomplishing this simple task will set you up for making other small accomplishments or just getting your day on track right from the start.  

Take a shower. Warm up and wake up your senses.  Maybe add some aromatherapy oils to your shower to perk up your mood.  If you already shower every morning, take a rinse before bed at night.  The heat will get your blood flowing and relax tension that is stuck in your muscles.  Take it to the next level and stretch a little and take some nice deep breaths.

Get active.  If you are overwhelmed with a busy schedule, build in a 10 minute walk before work, after work, before bed, or during a lunch break.  Start your morning with sun salutations and light stretching. Get a gym membership and take 20 minutes on the treadmill after you drop the kids off at school or before you make lunch.  Take a walk around the block or do twenty jumping jacks in the living room to get your heart pumping.  Look up exercises on YouTube. Sign up for Zumba. Walk in place during television shows if you are really feeling stuck and lethargic. Whatever it takes- MOVE YOUR BODY.

Change your environment.  Get out of the same old routine.  Drive to a new destination, check out a museum, try a new restaurant, go to the library, work from a coffee shop, make plans with a friend… Get out of your rut and the four walls you are used to.  Sometimes a fresh environment can inspire a whole new perspective.