Start the Morning Off Right

If you go about your days feeling disorganized or overwhelmed, starting a morning ritual can be a simple way to start your day more positive and focused. There are several different things you could use to start your morning, depending on personal preference and the amount of time you can set aside each morning.

This ritual could include activities such as meditation, stretching, journaling, exercise or even cleaning. It can be stacked onto another part of your morning, for example: meditating for three minutes before brushing your teeth. The idea is to create space for reflection so that you know where your day is headed, and give you a sense of control so that you are less reactive and more productive for the day. Over time you can add on more time to this morning ritual, ideally setting aside 45 minutes to an hour each morning. 

One morning ritual that has a long list of health benefits and is easy to incorporate: drinking warm tea. Tea has less caffeine than coffee (some are caffeine-free), so it provides mental alertness but is less likely to increase anxiety or jitteriness. The general health benefits that tea provides includes: protection against heart attack and stroke, improved bone mineral density and a boost to your exercise endurance. 

If you're curious about adding tea to your morning routine, we're happy to announce that you are now able to purchase our new proprietary tea blends at the clinic. We have taken a lot of time to curate these exclusive blends with Urbal Tea that support the body in managing stress, fighting inflammation and better digestion. Here's what you can find in our two blends:

Sweet Relaxation

  • Hibiscus: reduces high blood pressure and symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Oatstraw: high in calcium and other minerals, stabilizes mood and supports the nervous system
  • Kava Kava Root: offsets anxiety, stress and disrupted sleep patterns

MindBody Wellness Blend

  • Turmeric: effective at managing arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Milk Thistle: lowers cholesterol and detoxifies and protects vital liver functions
  • Dandelion Root: strengthens the immune system and balances the natural and beneficial bacteria in the gut

Urbal Tea uses 100% herbal quality ingredients in their tea blends and are based here in Milwaukee. You can find several of their blends such as Brain Booster and Sleep Tight inside our  clinic in addition to our proprietary blends. To learn more about Urbal, check out their website here