Benefits of Facial Rollers

You’ve likely seen or heard about the facial roller trend, and you may have even spotted the beedewy rose quartz roller we carry at the clinic, but do you know much about what facial rollers do? 

Facial Rollers have been used since the 1700s by empresses and members of high society in China. They massage the skin on your face, increase circulation, and aid in lymphatic drainage. If your face is swollen or puffy, a facial roller can help move lymphatic fluid away from your eye area and into the proper channels. The cool nature of the stone decreases puffiness and can have a calming effect on stressed skin. Also, a facial roller massage may benefit your skin by releasing hormones associated with stress-reduction and overall well-being, which could curb stress-related breakouts. One final detail is that facial rolling can become a ritual that contributes to ongoing self-care. This relaxing practice might be a great way to strengthen your awareness of the present moment and start off each day with mindfulness. 

How to use:

  • Store in the fridge for additional cooling benefits. 

  • Use on a clean face. Can also use after a serum, facial oil, or moisturizer for deeper product penetration. 

  • Massage gently, so as not to rupture existing acne or inflammation. 

  • Starting at the center of your forehead, roll the tool out to your temples. Roll under your eyes and over your cheeks toward your ears. Massage the upper and lower lip areas. Finish by rolling down along your jawline and neck. 

  • Wash roller with gentle soap after each use. 

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