The idea of signing up for Mke MindBody Wellness’s Self Love Club might at first elicit laughter or embarrassment or you might think “not for me”.  My guess is that if you allow the idea to percolate - the idea of loving yourself- you might experience something more like curiosity.  What would this look like?  Is it ok to love me?  Wait, who really am I? Am I where I want to be? Where am I going?  And then...  and then fear steps in, insecurity heightens and perhaps you’ll feel stagnant, uninspired, or even despondent.  Sit with this some more and start to picture a small nurturing group of women who together will explore this idea of having a fondness for yourself, compassion for your spirit, a tenderness for what makes you You.  This is Self Love.  

* new dates: February 2 - 23 *
Friday's 6:30 - 8pm at MKE MindBody Wellness

In the 4 week journey of the Self Love Club, you will be challenged to begin (or continue) unbecoming what you’ve taken on and in; recognizing and breaking the shoulds that keep you stuck; and quieting the feeling that you are inconvenient to others, that your emotional world is too messy.  It is bringing to awareness who you truly are, accepting and loving this person as is, imperfections and all, and committing to the positive life shifts that will open up doors to growth, meaning making and an inspired life.

The world needs you to love yourself healthfully, wholeheartedly and honestly because then, and only then, are your innate gifts fully available to offer.

Self Love is revolutionary, not frivolous.

To inquire or register please call Sue at: (414) 335-3399