+ small bites - DAIKON

We're in love with daikon radish! If you're looking for a healthy alternative to your favorite bag of crackers or chips we've done the research for you. Slice up a daikon and go to dip heaven. Perfect for hummus, guacamole, tuna or egg salad.

You've probably eaten daikon in your favorite Asian soups or a stir-fry without even noticing. The daikon is a cruciferous vegetable and you'll be able to decipher it from other radishes because of its long white root.

Daikon is great to munch on this May for its respiratory health benefits. As we spend more time outdoors and with each day a new flower blooms, allergens become more prevalent. This white radish has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help clear out excess mucus and phlegm, also eliminating other bacteria from your respiratory system.

As summer approaches and we begin to find more movement with the longer days, our bodies are ready to shed any excess we may have gained over the winter. Daikon supports weight loss and natural detoxification of the body by acting as a diuretic, cleansing the kidneys, ridding fats and easily supporting proper digestion.

Other bountiful benefits of eating daikon:

- reduce constipation

- high in vitamin c

- supports heart health

- high source of calcium

- fights cancer

- anti-inflammatory

- high in fiber