Spring Health

Awaken. Renew. Bloom...

The changing of seasons signals the necessary shift in our lifestyles, as well.  Spring is about activating our lives much like a seed begins to emerge from the soil as a new sprout ready to grow and thrive.  Winter habits need to be packed away with our warmest blankets to allow for freer movement and lighter energy.

1- get outside. 

It may be difficult to shake the winter slumber, but it is important to get to bed early, wake with the sun, and get outside to bask in the fresh spring air.  Activating your body and getting back into nature will awaken your spirit, activate your creative mind, and loosen tight muscles and tendons. 

2- drink tea.

Herbal teas are very effective for alleviating allergies, relaxing physical tension, boosting the immune system, aiding in liver detoxification, and relieving irritability.

Teas for Spring: Jasmine, Dandelion root, chamomile, mint, licorice root, ginger tea, milk thistle

3- small meals.

Heavy eating keeps the body slow and stagnant.  When it is time to lighten up and get the body moving, smaller meals comprised of fresh foods, grains, and less meat keep the body nourished and promote better digestion.  

4- lemon water.

Starting the day with a glass of warm water with lemon will rehydrate the body and flush the digestive system.  Lemon juice can help stimulate stomach acids and promote bile production, which is a big help to the liver after a busy night of helping the body restore itself for the next active day.  When you are craving sweets, a glass of sour lemon water may be just what your taste buds need to curb the intensity of your craving!

5- de-clutter.

A cluttered home or office creates extra stress.  Excess things in your surroundings can have a negative impact on your ability to focus, process information, and relax.  Cleanse your space of those things that no longer serve you! In the cold of winter, objects can collect in our personal space that over stay their welcome.  Be thoughtful of the things you keep in your life and let go of anything you no longer use.  Take small sections of your space and start sorting, organizing, cleaning up, and donating.