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Our intention is to establish our expectations and responsibilities.  Please read all of the information below.

We STRONGLY recommend purchasing travel insurance and selecting the "cancel for any reason" coverage. Here is one simple resource or speak with your existing insurance provider to learn about your existing plan does and does not cover. 


The $500 deposit is non-refundable. the full balance is due 60 days prior to the retreat date.  Cancellations prior to 60 days will receive a refund of any payments made, less the $500 deposit.  Cancellations within 30-60 days of the retreat date will receive a refund of 50% of payments made less the $500 deposit, and cancellations made within 30 days of the retreat date will receive no refund unless we can fill your retreat space (less the $500 deposit).  Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. retains the right to recover the remaining balance as a debt due and payable. If you need to cancel, please contact us via email at

Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to the retreat details.  This includes changes to retreat leaders, activities, menus, and accommodations.  Any changes made will not reduce the value of the retreat.  We are not responsible for missed shuttles from the airport to the villa due to flight delays or cancellations and will not schedule additional shuttles in such circumstances. We may change or cancel any service without reimbursement for reasons beyond our control, such as: strikes, weather conditions, war, or local conflicts, public demonstrations, natural disasters, or acts of terrorism, schedule changes, ocean conditions, or acts of God/nature. 

We strongly recommend our guests purchase travel insurance. Please contact us with any questions about this.

Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. is not responsible for any expenses or damages incurred as a result of retreat cancellation including airfare, airline fees, or travel and preparation costs. Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. and its members reserve the right to cancel any retreat prior to departure if there are too few participants.  In this case, you will be given a full refund of any payments made to Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. and its members are not responsible for refunding additional amounts or compensation injury, loss, expenses, or damage.  


I acknowledge that participating in any and all aspects of the Mke MindBody Wellness Retreat has risks to personal health and safety which are associated with international travel and remote locations.  Environmental risks include but are not limited to rapidly moving water, insects, snakes, forces of nature, possible injuries and illnesses including sunburn, heatstroke, dehydration and other mild or serious conditions.  You should not participate in Mke MindBody Wellness Retreat unless you are willing to accept the associated risks.  Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. and its members have taken reasonable steps to ensure safety, but they cannot guarantee the health and safety of participants in a retreat or eliminate all risks from overseas environments.  Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. Retreat may involve travel to places in which medical facilities and care may be many hours away or delayed, limited, or unavailable. 


a) I understand that there are certain risks associated with international travel and residence in a foreign country and that Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc., its members, and partners or staff cannot control these risks.

b) I understand that these risks may include exposure to potentially serious health and safety hazards such as: transportation accidents, storms, local political situations, wildlife, acts of God, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters; infectious disease, inadequate medical care, remote access to medical treatment; armed insurrections,; and terrorist activities. 

c) I understand and hereby acknowledge that I assume all risks incurred by my participation in trips and retreats offered through Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. 


Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. strongly recommends each retreat participant purchase individual travel insurance for the trip.  We recommend you select the "cancel for any reason" option and, at the very least, acquire international medical coverage.  We recommend doing this soon to secure the best rates.

Mke MindBody Wellness, Inc. is not responsible for additional travel arrangements, lodging, or shuttles due to unexpected delays or cancellations of flight arrivals or departures. We recommend planning air travel with consideration for the effect of flight delays or cancellations due to inclement weather.

It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents.  This means verifying your passport is valid (and does not expire within 6 months of retreat date). It is also your responsibility to research and obtain any necessary immunizations, as well as consult with your physician regarding and potential health risks.