Basic De-cluttering

Intention:  Setting an intention is important as you approach the cleansing of a space. What are you trying to resolve in your space? Are you letting go of items that hold negative emotions? Perhaps your intention will sound like this: " I am letting go of what no longer serves me positivity. I am opening this space for new emotions and opportunities for growth." Is clutter holding you back from getting things done? Maybe your intention will relate to this: "I am letting go of unfinished business and those objects that distract me from reaching my goals. I am opening this space up to receive fresh energy and opportunities that motivate my progress." Identify your goals and obstacles. Once you know why you need to change your space, you can set an intention that supports you.

Let go of guilt:  Holding on to objects that are gifted to you or have been with you for many years may be holding you back.  Remember that your home is your sanctuary. If you feel like you are held back by emotional attachments, take an inventory of those special items and how they make you feel.  It may be time to start a rotation of items that are sentimental.  Store some of those objects and take turns displaying them in your space. When you find objects that you feel no attachment to or feel strong negative emotions around, it is probably time to let them go.

Trust your future:  Are you hoarding items for that "just in case" future use? If you have been saving items up for years with the intention of using someday because you never know when you will need it, then it is time to take an inventory of how useful and realistic those items really are.  

Start small: The process of de-cluttering can be overwhelming.  Pick a small area to start with, like a closet, a drawer, or under the bed.  Once you cleanse a space the momentum will grow and you will find the next space that feels right.  It does not have to happen all at once.

Organize: Adapt a system for going through your things.  There is the "put away", "throw away", "give away" method of organizing your items.  Typically, this is done with boxes that are labeled in this way.  Label bins that are storing objects that are being kept out of sight.  Organize papers with folders, filing containers, or wall hanging paper organizers. Make organization part of the process so you are not left to solve that problem later.