Our Service Menu

Our services are tailored to your specific needs.  We offer packages for continued care that enhance your healing experience and provide you with a collaborative team of therapists focused on your wellness. 

We offer some sessions on a sliding scale system. This means that there is a range available for you to decide how much you would like to pay for that service. Any service with a price range may be applied to the sliding scale option.

Acupuncture - Chinese Medicine

Initial Acupuncture Session - $85

Acupuncture Session - sliding scale $50-$85

Pediatric - Acupressure massage and Cupping- $30

Gua Sha + Cupping- $40

Acupuncture Healing Package - (Initial session not included) -Six sessions: $300

Reiki Healing

One hour - sliding scale $40 - $60

Mental Wellness Counseling

Single Session- (sliding scale) $120-$160

Integrative Health Coaching

Initial Health Coaching Session - $100

Health Coaching Session - $75

Integrative Health Coaching Package (Initial Session + 2 Coaching Sessions) - $225

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

New Client Nutrition Package - $285
             * Includes an Initial Nutrition evaluation and 3 follow-up nutrition sessions, free month with interactive app, holistic workbook, and access to our online dispensary
Nutrition Sessions - Regular meetings to stay on track and promote long-term health
             *Package of 3 = $165
             *Package of 5 = $245
             *Package of 10 = $425

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Single Session - $30

Five Session Package - $100


Private Consultation -  $55 * does not include cost of oils. 

Private Customized Class - $260.  Invite up to 10 people to attend a private class on the topic of your choice.  Create essential oil products for personal use or gifts for others.  Make pillow sprays, rollers, or topical creams infused with oils.  All materials included.  Contact Pat Molter to schedule: (414) 380-8447 

Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular Technique, and sports massage. 

60 minute - $70  (package of 5 sessions for $300)

90 minute - $90