Aleisha Anderson, L.Ac, Clinic Director

Aleisha Anderson is a certified Acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner specializing in the treatment of mental and emotional health.  

Acupuncture is a modality that can successfully work with an individual's body to relieve the symptoms of illness and prevent them from returning.  Aleisha has over seven years of experience working with a wide variety of health conditions.  Over that period of time, she has successfully treated chronic health issues, women's health complaints, chronic pain, digestive issues, sleep disorders, auto-immune disease, chronic stress symptoms, neurological issues, migraines, and general preventative health management.  

Aleisha specializes in TCM for Mental Wellness.

Overcoming depression and postpartum depression in the past,  Aleisha made a conscious decision to specialize her TCM practice on mental healthcare.  What is important for her, is helping individuals find the help they need and providing effective therapies for overcoming the weight and controlling nature of mental health symptoms.  

As an experienced TCM Acupuncturist, Aleisha spent several years practicing at an outpatient psychotherapy and recovery center prior to opening Mke MindBody Wellness.  Aleisha has extensive experience working with psychiatrists and counselors on patient wellness plans and ongoing psychiatric support.  Some of her collaborative work includes: support for talk therapy, relieving medication side effect symptoms, assisting in medication tapers, and supporting the withdrawal process for individuals suffering from addiction.

Sarah Philipp, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Sarah Philipp is a certified holistic nutritionist.  Her focus is to help you find a happy place of eating foods you enjoy, feeling satisfied, and being forever liberated from diets and deprivation.   Sarah specializes in anxiety and depression, as well as digestive disorders.

Sarah is the owner of Abundelicious with experience that includes developing education at Slow Pokes foods, participating in wellness retreats with Koha Yoga, and working with patients at the Ommani Center in Pewaukee.  She continues to work with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a student counselor resource in addition to teaching classes and workshops for organizations in greater Milwaukee.

I was sick. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and digestive issues. It was so frustrating because I was only in my twenties, but felt like a sickly, weak old lady! I couldn’t depend on my body, and felt nervous about taking trips, eating out, etc.  I knew what I was eating was at the root of it all, but was repeatedly told – after extensive and expensive testing – that everything looked “fine”, and that just made me feel crazy. Crazy or not, I was left believing that it was all stuff I’d just have to settle for and deal with. They were able to suggest a lot of different pills and medications for symptomatic relief, but nothing in the way of long-term solutions.  Finally, I found a practitioner that listened.  The problem was, indeed, my diet, and very shortly after I made the necessary changes, I felt better than I had in a long, long time. My friends and family started noticing the improvements, and asking for advice.   When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor, but as an adult, realized this was the right path for me to help people feeling lousy like I was.
— Sarah Philipp, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Sarah will help you feel more empowered with your health and food.  She has experienced the pain and frustration of having no idea what to eat to feel better and looks forward to working with you towards finding delicious food for abundant health and happiness. 

Sue Engstrom, Mental Wellness Counselor

Sue has been a practicing Professional Counselor since 2008 in both Colorado and Wisconsin and is currently working toward Wisconsin state licensure.  Her experience includes offering support to clients living through grief and loss, life transitions, chronic illness, depression, negative body image and self-esteem, a loved one’s addiction(s), aging, and the challenges of pregnancy and postpartum life. In her work with clients, Sue integrates Positive Psychology, focusing on the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive; Spirituality, which she views as a connection to something outside of ourselves along with the desire to live with meaning, purpose, and wonder; and Neuroplasticity, the ability to rewire our brains toward positivity.  Sue’s work with clients is reflective of her holistic viewpoint and incorporates an honest exploration of diet and lifestyle choices, strength of community, spirituality, life purpose, creative expression, and the environments within which one immerse themselves.  

Sue keeps a small caseload allowing her to give her clients truly personalized care.  Her intention is to wholeheartedly join clients on their journey toward personal growth and enhanced emotional wellness by offering a space that is safe and nurturing; reflection that is non-judgmental and insightful; and a perspective that is grounded in professional training and what she has learned by facing her own life head-on with vulnerability, courage, and humility.  Clients can expect to gain an understanding of their individual wiring and temperament and how these, along with their personal story, work together to create their present day reality.   Clients learn which of their “shoulds” are holding them back from truly stepping into their authenticity, how to embrace their strengths as well as genuinely accept their imperfections, and what is needed to create lasting positive life shifts.

Read more about Sue on her website.

Kerri Weishoff, MS, CCC-SLP Integrative Health Coach

Kerri is an Integrative Health Coach, a workshop leader on clarity and visioning, and teacher of The Art of Healing and Self Care at UW-Milwaukee.

Kerri has more than 20 years of rehabilitation experience, including 15 years studying Integrative Healing Practices. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing Program.  

Kerri provides compassionate, non-judgmental support while helping clients identify obstacles that block their pathway to better health and overall wellbeing. She incorporates self care, mindfulness, guided imagery, breath work techniques and stress management tools to help clients create goals that reduce stress, increase focus, and improve energy and productivity.  

The goal of her forward thinking, solution-based practice is to guide clients to a fresh perspective and heightened awareness that can lead them to greater personal empowerment and fulfillment to achieve a more balanced sense of self. 

Kerri practices meditation daily and loves yoga, running and teaching. 

Jessica Franzen, Reiki

Jessica is a reiki master teacher trained in both traditional Japanese usui and holy fire methods. She has also trained in South American earth energy medicine, commonly known as shamanism. Her personal interest in alternative medicine and holistic therapies inspires her to be a facilitator in the healing of others.  

Jessica has a calm and confident demeanor with an awareness of energy that is comforting and powerful.  Jessica is a well-rounded healer working as an artist, yoga instructor, reiki healer, and owner of Sparrow Collective.   


Pat Molter, Aromatherapist

Pat started Aromatherapy By Pat in 2003. She became a certified Aromatherapist published in NAHA and Aromascents. Driven by her own allergic reactions to mass produced, chemical laden skin and beauty products, she began exploring natural alternatives. As a result of her exploration of natural remedies she began the path to certification in Aromatherapy. She graduated from Valerie Cooksleys school; The Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy By Pat uses all natural ingredients. You won’t find additives or chemicals in her products. Unlike large corporations, Aromatherapy By Pat is able to tailor its products to your specific needs.

In addition to aromatherapy, Pat was introduced to a raw foods diet in 2005 when she quit chemotherapy as a result of the many side effects she was experiencing. Although the cancer had spread into her lymph nodes she is now cancer free – "I know this is a result of starting every day with a green smoothie and eating raw. I used essential oils to help detoxify my body and also to help with the self induced stress resulting from stopping the chemo treatments."

Kaleigh Atkinson, Meditation & Restorative Yoga Instructor

Awareness of the raw beauty that exudes throughout our world has always been Kaleigh's artistic motivation as a photographer and filmmaker. Finding pure beauty in Kaleigh's day to day life & within herself came from a prescription of yoga & meditation. Since a young age, Kaleigh has struggled with her weight & body image. As time passed this negative relationship turned into disordered eating patterns & depression lasting the majority of her life. The light that came naturally following an asana practice began to change her perspective on the relationship she shared with her health & body, therefore changing her life in a  beautiful way.

As a teacher, Kaleigh's yogic philosophy will ground you in the present moment of spirit & body. You'll sweat, laugh, grow stronger, more flexible & simply feel healthier mentally & physically. As a student you will be guided with encouragement, being instilled with self-love, non-violent communication & you'll work to boost your confidence in asana & through this walk called life.

Jonathan Anderson, Director of Operations

Jonathan Anderson is the head of business operations.  He has a Bachelor's degree in accounting and a Master's of Oriental Medicine degree.  Jonathan has led a successful business career while studying traditional Chinese medicine.  The experiences he gained as an accountant and Chief Operating Officer for a financial services company provide him with a unique perspective of corporate infrastructure and culture.

Jonathan has always been interested in food as medicine and is passionate about helping people find the right resources for better health.  









Erin Highland, Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

Erin is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and 200hr certified yoga teacher based in Milwaukee’s Bayview neighborhood. The past five years of hustling for freelance jobs has taught her an important lesson: when your health isn’t a priority, it will eventually create havoc in every other area of your life until you pay attention to it. Poor sleep, adrenal fatigue, carbohydrate cravings and constant anxiety are all things she’s struggled with until she stopped to listen to what her body was telling her and what situations were triggering her poor eating. After teaching for four and a half years through both private yoga lessons and public classes, she learned that many students were amazed at the mind body connection - and were hungry to learn more. After finishing her nutrition program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, it was clear what she really needed to be doing: guiding others to explore the roots of their physical, mental and emotional ailments through their relationship to food and the practice of yoga. 

Erin’s approach to wellness is all about balance: you can’t always prevent triggers, but as your coach she will provide better tools to handle them and lessen the impact they have on your overall goals. She knows what “stuck” feels like and working with her will help you realize your own road blocks as well as dig deeper into what goals are synced with your optimal health and whole happiness. Success follows when your heart is in it, and you’re ready to make health a priority. Erin's here to help you filter through the non-essentials and find the sweet spot for change.