+ the why - MAGNESIUM

Magnesium is an important mineral that supports heart health, improves mood, can prevent stroke, help you sleep sound and can lower levels of stress. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, a quick fix of adding more leafy greens and organic fruits and vegetables isn't enough when it comes to magnesium intake. The soil in which our food grows has declined in quality over time, which in turn has removed high levels of magnesium.

We suggest taking a supplement as a great alternative. Our favorite product is Innate Response Magnesium 300- which comes in a capsule or powder form.  The Magnesium 300 powder is sweetened with stevia and beet root so it can add a scoop to water or sweeten a green smoothie.  

Our bodies can also absorb magnesium through our skin! Soaking in an epsom salt (magnesium chloride) bath is fantastic for sore muscles as well as calming an anxious mind. Allowing magnesium to soak into our bodies through the skin is a great way to reap the benefits instantly versus the time it takes to digest food.

Along with a supplements and topical treatments of magnesium, these foods are great additions to your diet: dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains and avocados.