We encourage you to honor your self care goals in the new year! Skip the juice cleanses, fasting, and extreme work-outs. Those are not appropriate for the middle of winter. Take a gentle, slower approach to healing chronic inflammation, sluggish metabolism, gut imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies. We have mapped out a month of wellness to help you ease into significant changes in the body that will provide real, lasting health benefits!

week one:

15% OFF HEALTHY RESET PROGRAMS -Pre-purchase online and we will call you for pick up. Online orders due January 7, 2019



We have selected our favorite “detox” programs that are really about helping your body gain control of inflammation, so detoxing can occur slowly and naturally. Both programs will assist your body in reducing inflammation, supporting your immune system, and healing damage from chronic conditions. These programs include a 15 minute phone call with our holistic nutritionist, Sarah Philipp as a check-in to see how the program is going and if you have any questions/concerns.

Are you concerned with chronic inflammation? Is your gut always giving you grief? Are you unsure where to get started but know you need to start somewhere?! Addressing gut health and reducing inflammation are incredibly useful places to start! If you are unsure which program is best for you, we recommend deciding what your commitment level is (10 days vs. 6 weeks) and use that as your compass.

week two: (january 7-13)

15% OFF SAUNA PACKAGE (five sessions)

Not interested in hitting the gym, but want to get your blood moving, lymphs pumping, and boost your metabolism? Infrared sauna sessions can help! This is a much gentler way of activating natural detoxification in the body while also easing tense muscles, warming cold joints, and moving sluggish lymphatic congestion. Maybe the weather is cold and dark- but the sauna can really warm you up at the core and brighten your mood!

week three: (january 14-19)


Wellevate is an online dispensary with over 325 professional supplement brands. We are sharing our clinic online dispensary with you, so you can keep up with your wellness protocols even when you are not coming in for treatments. Click on 20% off link to sign up and start getting your favorite supplements shipped to your home. Once you have established your online account, we can start sending you direct recommendations, so you are not wondering which products would be the best for your condition. If you already know what you like to take and have brands you trust- chances are they are available here! Already have a Wellevate account? This is super simple then- just order as usual, and enjoy this special discount.

week four: (january 21-31)


Have you been working all month on your goals and feel you still have some nagging issues that need to be addressed? Or maybe you have had it on your mind to try acupuncture but need a little reminder or encouragement to get started. We are offering $20 off our Initial Acupuncture Session. Not sure why you would have acupuncture or what it is? Click here for more information….

Offer is good for all Initial Acupuncture Sessions booked between January 21-31, 2019. If you are not finding a time that works for you but do not want to miss the offer, give us a call and we can work it out.