Integrative Health Coaching

Nobody knows how you feel better than you do.  

Health coaching facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by encouraging a client to listen to their inner wisdom, explore their values, and transform their goals into action.  

Why Choose Integrative Health Coaching?

Health coaching provides a supportive conversation that encourages you to identify obstacles and implement strategies that can improve your health, lifestyle and wellbeing.  


Health Coaching Benefits:

  • Establishing goals for better health

  • Supporting cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Identifying obstacles and implementing strategies for better health

  • Stress management skills

  • Mindfulness techniques for increased clarity and contentment

  • Encouragement and motivation to let go of personal clutter

  • Defining needs and supporting personal empowerment

Our coach assists you in identifying obstacles and provides support for you to implement strategies for achieving your health and self care goals.  This is a solution-focused practice that incorporates daily strategies for achieving a more balanced sense of self.  What is unique about integrative health coaching is the emphasis on wellness in your life rather than illness.  

We will help you feel better by empowering you to focus on your health and well-being.  

Health coaching incorporates breath work and stress management techniques that will help you reduce stress, increase focus, and improve energy and productivity.   Working with a coach provides you with the guidance and accountability you cannot always provide yourself when you are struggling to live a balanced life.  Staying on track is important for sustainable growth, and our coach is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness goals.

Integrative Health Coaching Pricing

Initial Health Coaching Session - $100

Health Coaching Session - $75

Integrative Health Coaching Package (Initial Session + 2 Coaching Sessions) - $225