Mental Wellness Counseling

My intention when working with clients is to wholeheartedly join them on their journey toward personal growth and enhanced emotional wellness by offering a space that is safe and empowering; reflection that is non-judgmental and insightful; and a perspective that is grounded in professional training and what I’ve learned by facing my own messy life head on with vulnerability, courage, and humility.  Sessions are open, honest, emotional and, at times, quite raw.   

By highlighting strengths and wisdom and meeting clients as they are, I am able to to guide them into a deepening of awareness, genuine acceptance, and lasting positive life shifts. 

Clients can expect to gain an understanding of their individual wiring and temperament and how these, along with their personal story, work together to create their present day reality.  Clients will also learn which of their “shoulds” are holding them back from truly stepping into their authenticity and what is needed to break free from these barriers.  Clients learn how to love themselves because of their imperfections rather than in spite of them.

My work with clients is reflective of my holistic viewpoint and incorporates an honest exploration of diet and lifestyle choices, strength of community, spirituality, life purpose, creative expression, and the environments within which we immerse ourselves.