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A local whole-food company located in Palmyra, Wisconsin that is committed to providing organic, high quality sourced supplementation. The company sits on their own 623-acre certified organic farm with rigid soil testing, manufacturing, and quality control guidelines in place to bring the best natural source of vitamins and minerals with ease to you. The farm is one of Wisconsin’s largest organic vegetable farms. They utilize nature’s way of recycling by composting to increase fertility and soil health on the farm. At Standard Process, they are involved from the moment a seed is planted through shipping the final product to your door. The company also places emphasis on family, health, and long-term career satisfaction offering their employees an excellent work environment and benefits.


This supplement company believes in moving back towards wholeness and that our bodies are brilliantly designed for homeostasis. Their products are carefully formulated and plant-based that help strengthen and support the body’s own innate healing response. This brand takes their role within the ecosystem seriously; embracing people, plants, communities, cultures, and companies by supporting the health of their customers and the betterment of the planet. They are committed to making as much of their product line organic and non-GMO verified. They and bring consciousness and intention to their connections by supporting small independent family farms and purchasing fair trade ingredients.


Our clinic aromatherapist and founder of Alive n Vibrant, Pat Molter, brings essential oil products and 100% organic nutrient-dense superfood powders to us. As a cancer survivor, Pat began her healing journey by experimenting on herself by making her own products and taking classes in Chicago. This brought her into the world of essential oils where she eventually received her certification at the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy. Her focus is not only on crafting a customized plan and products, but also on helping you apply those wellness tools safely.


A local gem in Milwaukee offering organic and locally wildcrafted herbal products. Kyle Denton and his wife Serena Marinelli run and custom make all their label designs and products by combining the systems of Ayurveda from India and Western Herbalism. Kyle grew up with an appreciation for nature and began studying ayurvedic medicine. He soon realized that a lot of herbs within Ayurveda are from India and cannot be sourced here. This is when he began studying herbs from traditional western herbalism so that he could combine both traditions into one landscape. We are now carrying some of their amazing products from their liver support tinctures to their delicious tasting elderberry cough syrup.


Another local Wisconsin brand envisioned by Macey Koehn. Macey studied herbalism with the intention of growing spiritually as well as mentally. He believes that the body was designed to heal itself through the gifts of Mother Nature and that we should embrace those healing powers. He makes loose leaf and tea bag herbal blends ranging from brain boosters, to balance, to cold care, and much much more.  


Cocokind is a clean and conscious skincare company out of San Francisco, CA. The purity and simplicity of the ingredients is what make these products so great! They are also certified organic and cruelty-free. Here is what we have in stock at Mke MindBody Wellness!


facial cleansing oil. It is always important to remove residual dirt you’ve taken on from your day along with makeup. This oil cleans, balances, and leaves your skin’s natural pH levels undisturbed by removing excess oils, dirt, and impurities.


rosewater toner. This toner is great for post-cleansing, to set makeup, and any time during the day when you need to refresh. I use the toner 2-4 times per day and feeling like something is missing if I do not. It also smells great!


golden elixir. This very lightweight and absorbent moisturizer is great for all skin types as well as acne prone skin. It is rich in omega-3’s, antioxidants, and vitamin A and E to help with free radical damage and inflammation. This is best used in the AM.

chia facial oil. This oil is great to use at night. It is extremely hydrating and good for dull, thin, dry looking skin. It is concentrated with omega-3’s, vitamin B3, and zinc. It is also good for oily skin because it helps balance pH therefore reducing breakouts.

Other products we have available include:

mymatcha moisturizer. This stick is great as a lip balm, for dark undereye circles, or for eye puffiness. It is best used at night because it a deep hydrator with a thicker consistency. It can also be used as a dry spot corrector. Matcha being a great antioxidant helps nourish and protect your skin as well as reduce pigmentation issues.

trio sticks. These 3 sticks are a great set and can be given as a gift. The set includes macabeet tinted moisture stick for the most natural lip pout and cheek blush, turmeric spot treatment to treat breakouts and brighten skin tone, and mymatcha all-over moisture stick for dry lips and skin.


A holistic wellness company, Beedewy, focuses on giving love back to people suffering from sensitive skin. The brand is dedicated to carefully sourcing and formulating a line of skin care products and tools that will help soothe skin rather than irritate it. They ethically source their ingredients from family farms and distillers and for every purchase made they donate a portion to the Honey Bee Conservancy. They are cruelty-free and do not use harsh chemicals, parabens, or formaldehydes in their products. At Mke MindBody Wellness, we are currently carrying Beedewy jade and rose quartz facial rollers and rose quartz gua sha tools. These are ancient Asian tools that have been used for beauty for centuries.


Social Endeavor to Elevate Mahlla Awareness (SEEMA) was founded in 2002 to provide training opportunities for women from impoverished backgrounds. It provides vulnerable women with skills and economic empowerment to best equip them for a life free from oppression, violence and other disadvantages. SEEMA’s aim is to close the gap between the developed world and the under-developed world by providing economic, psychological, and spiritual stability for women. These women, otherwise, would have been put into forced labour, prostitution or forced to live on the streets. SEEMA products are hand made from start to finish with 100% organic cotton thread. Everything from small purses and pencil cases to larger hand bags are hand dyed and sewn by these ladies. All of this and a community that supports them gives these women a sense of self worth.


Will Allen’s Beyond Organic (WABO) is a local Milwaukee USDA certified organic CBD company. Will Allen, urban farmer, Growing Power leader, and former professional basketball player understands the importance of hemp. WABO sets itself apart in the burgeoning cannabis market by using certified organic hemp seed in certified organic soil.