Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Therapy

Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) classes can be healing for anyone who has experienced mental, emotional or physical trauma. When we live through traumatic experiences, such as abuse, accidents, assault or neglect, it can change how we interact with the world. Our minds may adapt by reliving the past, disconnecting from our bodies, or becoming hyper alert to what might happen in the future. While those adaptations help us survive traumatic experiences, they can make it hard to live in the present and feel like we're in control of our own life.

Different from traditional yoga in key ways, TCTSY is a cutting-edge, evidence-based practice (EBP) designed specifically to support people as they work through these types of trauma in talk therapy. It is the only model of yoga clinically proven in a randomized controlled trial to reduce symptoms of PTSD. At least 10 weeks of classes are recommended to experience results. TCTSY can help you feel safe in your body again, regain a sense of autonomy and improve your ability to connect with people in relationships.

 Here's what to expect in a TCTSY yoga class:

·      The teacher will offer options for yoga forms, and you choose which ones you want to try.

·      You go at your own pace.

·      You wear the clothing that feels comfortable to you.

·      Unlike some yoga classes, these sessions are 100% hands off; you will not be touched.

 Private TCTSY classes:

If you’re more comfortable having your own space, if you prefer a customized experience, or if you’re a little nervous about trying something new, private TCTSY classes are a great option.

Group TCTSY classes:

Some students who like group classes find it healing to experience yoga with other people who may have had similar traumatic experiences—but no one has to talk about it.

There are two types of group classes:

5-week series

TCTSY is most effective at 10 or more weeks of classes. (Some students take TCTSY regularly for years!) This series will get you halfway there without having to commit to 10 weeks up front. Students must register in advance. Each series is limited to 4 students max and is closed to new students for the duration of the series. As in, you’ll see familiar faces each week. Group series classes are nonrefundable. If you miss a class, makeups are not available.

Drop-in class

The first Saturday of every month, you can attend this group class without pre-registering.

Want to try TCTSY without committing to a 5-week series? Your first drop-in class is free.