This is what our patients have to say...

At my first appointment Aleisha went over my history and asked what I was looking for. I did not have any pain so to speak but I wanted to be healthier. I am the person in the family who does it all. I do all of the house “stuff” plus I work two jobs. I found myself tired a lot and sometimes just wore out. So I explained all of this to Aleisha and she understood and told me she could help me. After my first acupuncture treatment I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I never even realized how stressed I really was. Throughout our time together Aleisha told me about how to incorporate good things into my life. I also had very bad nerves and even had twitches from them. When I asked Aleisha if she could help with that she targeted the nerves with acupuncture. And it worked, I no longer have twitches.

But the best thing is that Aleisha cares. I never found that kind of care with a doctor. The Milwaukee MindBody Wellness Center is all about health. Whatever problem you may have, be it pain or even just to lose weight I highly recommend you call Aleisha and she will steer you to the right person for what you are looking for.
— Melinda Hintz
I sought help at MKE Mindbody after realizing that depression and anxiety were severely limiting my ability to function professionally and be a husband and father. The acupuncture treatments and wise counsel from Aleisha and Kerri helped me adjust my thought patterns, and accept my demons and myself. Their approach, experience and advice have been remarkably helpful. We tend to gauge ourselves based on milestones – where we’re at on birthdays or big holidays. I recently skied the American Birkebeiner for the 12th time and throughout that 35-mile effort, took notice of how much better I felt mentally and emotionally, compared to a year earlier.
— T.H.
My personal situation was many, many years of constant pain. I had addressed the problem by visiting all the traditional doctors with no success. I then tried several chiropractors, again no success. I had heard about acupuncture but was a bit skeptical. My first experience with an acupuncturist was a disaster and I decided not to let her treat me due to her unprofessional nature. Discouraged and still in constant pain I was referred to Aleisha from a trusted friend. My first visit with Aleisha was by far a most professional and comforting experience. I have to say she was my saving grace! With monthly maintenance and proper stretching I am able to sleep and function virtually pain free. Aleisha has also introduced me to her new line of supplements in which she has extensive knowledge. She was able to suggest a supplement aid for my arthritis and I’m amazed at the relief I’m feeling. Kind, considerate, comforting, and compassionate are just a few great attributes to her nature. I would suggest to anyone seeking relief for a variety of health issues to see Aleisha!
— Connee