RAIN Cools the Flames of Anger

February can be a difficult time of year… The air is cold and winter lingers. Getting out and being active can be challenging as we feel more tired, less motivated, and lethargic with the cold.  Drinking alcohol and eating rich or sugary foods easily become the coping mechanisms to warm us from the cold and boredom.  While it may feel relaxing in the moment, these behaviors actually lead to an imbalance in the body that creates more pent up tension, stagnation, and aggression.  It is not uncommon to feel short tempered, impatient, or easily angered at this time of year.  

We found the RAIN technique and had to share it with you!  The RAIN technique is shared by Emily Horn, an insight meditation teacher in Asheville, North Carolina.  Emily teaches us how to

Not identify with our anger.  

RAIN is about getting familiar with your anger and investigating the underlying injustice that aggravates you.  

"Learning to use RAIN—recognizing, accepting, investigating, and non-identifying—turns the suffering of anger into a conscious and workable energy. Through the art of mindfulness, we see the harm that our anger has caused and use it instead to power our lives for the benefit of all." -Emily Horn.

Please continue reading about RAIN and the details of how to use it as a practice in your daily life: