costa rica 2019


punta uva, costa rica

PURA VIDA!  Mke MindBody Wellness is going on vacation! We invite you to join us for a week of reflection, perspective, and adventure. Our way of traveling does not encourage the "escape" mentality so common in our culture. We take our self-care practices with us and use them to enrich our experiences and inspire us to take home new rituals.  

Pure/simple living is the heart of Costa Rican culture.  Time gets away from us in our bustling culture of perfection and achievement.  When it feels like nothing is ever enough and time is the quick sand that can never be caught- perhaps it is time for a break from the norm and a shift back to simplicity and purity of every day living.  

What aspects of your daily life have been sacrificed to a busy routine?

Have you lost a connection between yourself and your surroundings?

How do you slow down and integrate joy back into the mundane?

Do you need a break and some time to be guided back to center?

Perhaps it really does take a retreat to tropical paradise to reflect on life in a new way.  Free of clutter, deadlines, distractions, and familiarity.  

We have created a 6-DAY RETREAT that will immerse you in holistic, mindful living.  Enjoy fresh, local foods prepared by our holistic nutritionist, Sarah Philipp.  Experience the relaxed culture of the southern Caribbean coast.  Rediscover your senses with jungle tours, beach time, and daily reflection meditation.  Learn how to tune in to different environments and appreciate the rhythm of the coastal jungle.  Our team of healers has put together a thoughtful itinerary for the week that encourages mindful participation and balance.  We will guide you through this journey of letting go, unwinding, and reclaiming the simple joy that comes with being present.  Travel with us to explore, reflect, and feel inspired by the magic of a slower-paced culture.

Join us Aleisha Anderson and Sarah Philipp next year and we will teach you how to bring back the heart and joy of PURA VIDA.

Space is very limited. Please email to reserve your spot.